University of Pittsburgh



Schools and Academic Programs

The University of Pittsburgh offers numerous undergraduate majors. Those majors are listed below, along with the degree conferred and the school or college offering the major. Majors in which a minor is also available are marked with an asterisk. See the individual school’s or college’s section of this bulletin for specific major and degree requirements. Please note that undergraduate programs at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville are described in their separate bulletins.

The University Honors College offers a Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) degree in all of the majors listed below (see University Honors College section of this bulletin for details). Also, the many double major possibilities are not listed here; students should check with the individual school to determine the range of double majors allowed.




Major Degree
A&S Major/Business BA or BS A&S
Accounting BSBA CBA
Actuarial Mathematics BS A&S
Administration of Justice* BA CGS
Africana Studies* BA A&S
Africana Studies–English BA A&S
Anthropology BA A&S
Applied Developmental Psychology BS EDUC
Applied Mathematics BS A&S
Architectural Studies BA


Athletic Training BS SHRS
Bioengineering* BSE ENGR
Bioinformatics BS A&S
Biological Sciences BS


Chemical Engineering* BSE ENGR
Chemistry* BS A&S
Chinese* BA A&S
Civil Engineering* BSE ENGR
Classics* BA A&S
Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition BS SHRS
Communication: Rhet & Comm BA A&S
Communication Science and Disorders BA SHRS
Computer Engineering BSE ENGR
Computer Science* BS A&S
Dental Hygiene BS CGS
Ecology and Evolution BS A&S
Economics* BA or BS A&S
Economics–Statistics BS A&S
Electrical Engineering* BSE ENGR
Emergency Medicine BS SHRS
Engineering Physics BSE ENGR
Engineering Science BSN ENGR
English Literature* BA A&S
English Writing BA A&S
Environmental Geology BS A&S
Environmental Studies BA A&S
Film Studies* BA A&S
Finance BSBA CBA
French* BA A&S
General Management BSBA CBA
Geology BS A&S
German BA A&S
Global Management BSBA CBA
Health Information Management BS SHRS
Health Services BA or BS CGS
Health and Physical Activity BS EDUC
History* BA A&S
History and Philosophy of Science BA A&S
History of Art & Architecture BA A&S
Humanities Area BA CGS
Industrial Engineering* BSE ENGR
Information Science BS SIS
Interdisciplinary Studies BA or BS A&S
International and Area Studies BPHIL **
Italian* BA A&S
Italian Studies BA A&S
Japanese* BA A&S
Legal Studies* BA CGS
Liberal Studies BA or BS CGS
Linguistics* BA A&S
Marketing BSBA CBA
Materials Science and Engineering* BSE ENGR
Mathematical Biology* BS A&S
Mathematics* BS A&S
Mathematics-Economics BA or BS A&S
Mathematics-Philosophy BA or BS A&S
Mechanical Engineering* BSE ENGR
Media and Professional Communications BA CGS
Microbiology BS A&S
Molecular Biology BS A&S
Music* BA A&S
Natural Sciences Area BS CGS
Neuroscience* BS A&S
Nursing BSN NURS
Pharmaceutical Science BSPN PHAR
Pharmacy PharmD2 PHARM
Philosophy* BA A&S
Physics* BS A&S
Physics and Astronomy BA or BS A&S
Polish BA A&S
Political Science* BA or BS A&S
Politics-Philosophy BA A&S
Psychology BS A&S
Public Service* BA CGS
Rehabilitation Science BS SHRS
Religious Studies* BA A&S
Russian BA A&S
Scientific Computing BS A&S
Self Design BA or BS CGS
Slavic Studies BA A&S
Social Sciences Area BA CGS
Social Work* BASW SOC WK
Sociology* BA A&S
Spanish BA A&S
Statistics BS A&S
Studio Arts* BA A&S
Theatre Arts* BA A&S
Urban Studies BA A&S


*Minor in this field is also available.

**The International and Area Studies major must be combined with a second disciplinary major. The Bachelor of Philosophy degree will be awarded in conjunction with the University Honors College through the undergraduate school associated with the second disciplinary major.


In addition to those minors noted with asterisks, the following minors are also available:


Minor School/College1  
Aerobics EDUC
Aerobics/Fitness EDUC
Applied Statistics A&S
Aquatics  EDUC
Coaching EDUC
Creative Writing A&S
Dance EDUC
Environmental Engineering  ENGR
Fitness EDUC
German Studies A&S
Historical Preservation A&S
Korean A&S
Museum Studies A&S
Petroleum Engineering ENGR
Polymer Engineering ENGR
Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Culture A&S
Slovak Studies A&S


1Abbreviations are as follows:
A&S = Arts and Sciences
CBA = College of Business Administration
EDUC = School of Education
ENGR = Swanson School of Engineering
CGS = College of General Studies
SHRS = School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
SIS = School of Information Sciences
NURS = School of Nursing
PHARM = School of Pharmacy
SOC WK = School of Social Work

2The PharmD is not an undergraduate degree, but the School of Pharmacy admits undergraduates (including incoming freshmen) to its professional program that leads to a PharmD degree. See School of Pharmacy section of this bulletin for details.