University of Pittsburgh



School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences



The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) offers educational programs leading to a baccalaureate degree in the following areas:

  • Athletic Training
  • Communication Science
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Health Information Management
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Rehabilitation Science

SHRS participates in the University Honors College. Students with high GPAs, and whose studies demonstrate breadth and depth, may apply to complete a research thesis and earn a Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) degree in their area of major study.

Through the undergraduate program in Rehabilitation Science, SHRS offers three undergraduate certificate programs in the following areas:

  • Assistive Technology in Rehabilitation
  • Pathokinesiology in Rehabilitation
  • Psycho-Social Issues in Rehabilitation and Personal Care

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Health Sciences, which also includes Dental Medicine, Graduate School of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. These schools also share a close affiliation with the world-class University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). The medical center comprises a variety of hospitals and clinical facilities that affords students a wealth of opportunities for professional experience.

The mission of the school is to advance the theoretical base of knowledge underlying the practice of health and rehabilitation disciplines and professions through research, teaching, and professional service.

Contact Information

University of Pittsburgh
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Office of Admissions
4020 Forbes Tower
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Admission Requirements

General requirements for admission to SHRS’s baccalaureate degree programs include successful completion of a minimum of 60 college-level credits with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.500 (based on 4.000). For Communication Science, a minimum GPA of 2.75 is preferred, but students with a 2.50 may be admitted provisionally. Included in the 60 credits, specific prerequisite courses are required. A minimum grade of C- is required for courses designated as prerequisites. (Minimum grade of C required for credit transfer from other institutions.)

Students typically apply to SHRS during the spring semester of their sophomore year of college while in the process of completing all admission requirements. To assist the Admission Committee in making a more accurate evaluation of academic suitability for the program, applicants should complete as many of the prerequisite courses as possible before applying to SHRS.

Admission to most SHRS undergraduate programs is on a competitive basis as class sizes are limited.  Meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants must submit the online application and all required materials by the application deadlines published by the individual departments. Applications will be evaluated and applicants admitted until classes are filled.

Application Procedures

Freshman application is made through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. SHRS is an upper-division school and does not admit students to its undergraduate programs at the freshman level.  Therefore, students must first be admitted to another school at the University of Pittsburgh or to another institutions. (See Pittsburgh campus Freshman Admissions section of this bulletin for more information.)

Transfer students who have previously enrolled at a college of university other than the University of Pittsburgh, including former University of Pittsburgh students who have since earned college credits at another institution and now wish to return to the School of Health Rehabilitation Sciences must complete a University of Pittsburgh transfer application, submit an application fee of $45 to the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid and complete the supplemental information required for SHRS. (See Transfer Student Admissions section of this bulletin for more information.)

International applicants must complete the International Undergraduate Student application and the supplemental information required for SHRS.  (See International Undergraduate Student Admissions section of this bulletin for more information.)

University of Pittsburgh students applying to the Athletic Training (AT), Communication Science (CS), Emergency Medicine (EM), Health Information Management (HIM), Nutrition and Dietetics (ND) and Rehabilitation Science (RS) programs must complete the SHRS Apply Yourself application. An application fee is not required of current Pitt students applying to the SHRS undergraduate programs.

The following information is required as part of the application process:

  1. Essay: A typed statement discussing applicant’s interest in the field and program to which they are applying and outlining their long-term professional goals (see Communication Science (BA) admission page for specific essay requirement). This essay should be no longer than two pages.
  2. One letter of recommendation: This letter should be from a college level instructor, employer, or a clinical supervisor. These individuals should be able to comment on a student's academic, professional, and interpersonal abilities. This recommendation can be submitted electronically through the online application system by the applicant's reference or by mailing a hard copy letter to the SHRS admission address accompanied by the appropriate recommendation form as provided in the applications downloadable forms section.  A letter of recommendation is not required for the Communication Science program.
  3. Transcripts: Official transcripts from all colleges attended are required. Transfer applicants must also submit their high school transcripts to the Office of Admission and Financial Aid (OAFA). Credits shown on a transcript as transfer credits from another institution cannot substitute for the official transcript of the college or university at which the credits were earned.
  4. While not required, a resume is highly encouraged.

University of Pittsburgh students applying from the University of Pittsburgh in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville should follow the guidelines as stated above for students at the Oakland campus. A Relocation Form should only be submitted to the regional campuses if a student is admitted to a program at SHRS to facilitate the transfer of student records.


Admission Status

Students are admitted to SHRS on one of the following statuses: full, conditional, or non-degree status.

  • Full admission status is granted to those who have met all admission criteria and have been admitted either as full-time or part-time students for study toward the baccalaureate degree.
  • Conditional status is granted to those who are in the process of completing prerequisite courses. These students must complete all requirements successfully prior to matriculation.
  • Non-degree status: Applicants not matriculated in any school in the University who wish to take courses for credits without reference to a degree may be admitted as non-degree seeking students. Students admitted to SHRS on this status may take a maximum of 6 credits. A student wishing to register for more than 6 credits as a non-degree student must receive approval from the Department Chair or appropriate designee. A student wishing to complete coursework as a non-degree student should contact the SHRS Admissions Office at 4020 Forbes Tower, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 or by emailing For Communication Science and Disorders, contact the Director of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Janice Vance, directly at 412-383-6562 or

It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete all admission requirements prior to enrollment


Transfer Credit

Credit earned at other appropriately accredited institutions may be considered for transfer to SHRS.

Applicants must submit official transcripts from each accredited college or university attended, whether or not it is intended that the courses be counted toward a degree. Grades for credits transferred are not used in computing a student’s grade point average (GPA). All credits eligible for transfer are subject to the following regulations:

If letter grading is available, all pre-requisite and required courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Only courses with C or better grades will be considered for transfer.

Courses must correspond with those offered by the University in objectives and content.

The number of credits granted for a given course cannot exceed the number on the transcript from the school where they were earned, nor can it exceed the number earned in the corresponding courses at the University of Pittsburgh.

Advanced Placement

Credits may be earned toward a degree or certificate through Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate Higher-Level Examinations. (See the Advanced Placement Credit section of this Bulletin.)

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

SHRS will not accept CLEP credits.

Advanced Standing

A maximum of 60 credits will be posted on the SHRS transcript. A student may receive additional advanced standing credits if the Department/Program approves additional credits to be posted on the student’s transcript.

Advanced standing for courses in a professional curriculum is a departmental decision. If advanced standing is not granted, credit by examination for specified courses may be taken to demonstrate mastery of the course content. Advanced standing is reflected on the plan of study, which the student completes with his/her academic advisor. The Office of Student Services will post advanced standing only as indicated by the plan of study.

Statute of Limitations

All required academic work for a degree in SHRS, including courses for which advanced-standing credit has been granted, must be completed within ten (10) consecutive calendar years. Departments have the discretion to lessen this number for specific coursework deemed integral to the course of study in a particular discipline.

Acceptable Academic Status Reinstatement

Students who have left the University who wish to continue their studies must apply for reinstatement. Students should contact their advisor and the SHRS Office of Admission.


Acceptable Academic Status

Pitt students must receive a C- or better in all required courses or SHRS elective courses.  For non-SHRS, non-required coursework, students must earn a grade of D or better. Students who receive a grade below a C- must repeat that course and attain a grade of C- or better. Students will not be permitted to register for a course if they receive a grade below C- in a prerequisite for that course.

Repeating Courses

  • A sequence course may not be repeated for credit if the student passes a higher sequence course with a C or better grade.
  • A student may not enroll in the same course at another institution and have that grade replace the original grade earned at the University.
  • The original course and grade remain on the transcript; however, the grade and credits originally earned are not counted in the calculation of the GPA.
  • The grade earned by repeating a course is used instead of the grade originally earned. Withdrawal (W), Repeat (R), and Audit/Non-Credit (N) grades reported for the repeated course will not be identified as a course repeat, and therefore the original grade earned will continue to be counted in the GPA. Incomplete grades (G and I) are not identified as repeated courses until the coursework is completed.
  • Students are only permitted to repeat a course twice. Any grade earned in the repeated course will be recorded on the academic transcript, even if it is lower than the original grade.

Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal

Students who fail to make satisfactory progress may be subject to academic probation and/or suspension and dismissal. Students who have completed at least 12 quality point credits and whose GPA falls below 2.00 will be placed on academic probation by the dean of the school. After a certain period of time on academic probation (determined by the student’s school), a student is subject to academic suspension and restricted from registering for classes in that school. Details of the undergraduate school’s probation system are available through that school.


Class Designation

Class designation of undergraduate students is based on successful completion of course requirements for each curricular year in the school. Therefore, all requirements in the junior year must be met before promotion to the senior year.


Clinical Education—Directed Practice

Clinical or field learning experience is an integral and essential part of some SHRS undergraduate professional programs. All students preparing to be athletic trainers, emergency medicine technicians (paramedics) or health information managers will spend a specific amount of time in a variety of clinical education experiences. These experiences are planned sequentially and in coordination with classroom or laboratory courses taken on campus.

All clinical education experiences take place at sites that have signed contracts with the University of Pittsburgh. An SHRS faculty member, usually called a coordinator of clinical education, assigns students to these sites. Supervision or instruction during clinical education is provided by health professionals qualified appropriately for the type or level of content studied by the student. Students are required to carry professional liability insurance and personal health insurance during all phases of clinical education.

Students may be required to travel a distance or to relocate outside the city for their clinical education assignments. All expenses for transportation, housing, food, etc., are the student’s responsibility.

Students must wear proper attire, which may vary according to the clinical education site. Students studying to be health information managers, for example, will dress in business clothes, while students studying to be clinical dietitians may wear white lab coats. Safety may be a consideration. The coordinator of clinical education will provide specific information about clothing or uniforms for each program.

Because of clinical education time requirements for accreditation purposes, any student who misses clinical time for any reason must contact the appropriate practicum instructor or coordinator of clinical education.


Candidates for a bachelor’s degree from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences must have satisfactorily completed a minimum of 120 credits, 30 (at minimum) of which must have been taken while registered in the school, and candidates must have completed the requirements for the program in which they have enrolled. The student’s advisor must approve these credits. To qualify for graduation, students must have completed all courses and other degree requirements and must have a plan of study on file in the Office of Student Services, 4024 Forbes Tower.

The GPA used for graduation and for the awarding of honors will be calculated as a composite of all courses taken at the University of Pittsburgh counting toward completion of the degree. A baccalaureate degree student attaining an outstanding scholastic record may, upon vote of the faculty, be graduated with program honors if a minimum of 60 letter-graded credits have been earned at the University of Pittsburgh. A minimum GPA of 2.000 is required to graduate. A student failing to remove a D, F, G, or I grade in a required course will not graduate.

An application for graduation must be filed in the SHRS Office of Student Services at the time of registration for the term in which the student expects to complete all requirements for graduation. Students who have maintained an excellent academic record may also graduate with University honors.