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Schools, Departments, and Programs

Students who are interested in or accepted to any of the University of Pittsburgh's graduate or professional programs listed below other than those leading to the first-professional degrees offered by the University (MD, JD, LLM, PharmD, or DMD) will find useful most of the sections of this bulletin. Students interested in first-professional programs (MD, JD, LLM, PharmD, or DMD) can ignore much of the bulletin prior to the First-Professional Programs section, but should familiarize themselves with the general information about the University as well as the section on University-wide policies detailed in Rights and Responsibilities. The Schools of Medicine, Law, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy appear in the Graduate Programs section for programs leading to the graduate and professional advanced degrees as well as in the First-Professional Programs section since these schools offer both types of programs. Faculty are listed by their department or program at the end of the school.

Students should note that the listings of requirements and procedures for admissions, registration, and other information listed in the sections prior to the more program-specific information provided in the Schools, Departments, and Programs section of this bulletin represent the minimum requirements and basic procedures. Students should consult the information on their specific school, program, and department for detail on additional, stricter, or more specific requirements and procedures.

Degree- and Certificate-Granting Programs

The University of Pittsburgh offers numerous graduate degrees, first-professional degrees, and certificates in its graduate and professional schools. These degree and certificate programs are listed below.


Program  University Degrees and
Certificates Offered
Academic Center1
Accounting MS Business
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Nursing
Adapted Physical Education Certificate Education
Administrative and Policy Studies MA, MEd, EdD, PhD Education
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Prac Certificate Nursing
Adult Nurse Practitioner Certificate Nursing
African Studies Certificate UCIS
Anesthesiology Certificate Dental Medicine
Anthropology MA, PhD A&S
Applied Mathematics MA, MS A&S
Applied Statistics MA, MS A&S
Area Studies MA,MBA A&S, Business
Art Education MEd Education
Asian Studies Certificate UCIS
Audiology   AuD SHRS
Autisim Certificate Education
Behavioral and Community Health Sciences MPH, PhD, DrPH GSPH
Big Data Analysis Certificate SIS
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics MS, PhD Medicine
Bioengineering MSBeng, PhD Engineering
Bioethics MA A&S
Biological Sciences MS, PhD  A&S
Biomedical Informatics Certificate, MS, PhD Medicine
Biostatistics MPH, MS, DrPH, PhD GSPH
Business Administration MBA, PhD  Business
Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology MS, PhD Medicine
Cellular and Molecular Pathology MS, PhD Medicine
Chemical Engineering MSChE, PhD Engineering
Chemistry MS, PhD A&S
Civil Engineering MSCE, PhD Engineering
Civil Litigation Certificate Law
Classics MA, PhD A&S
Clinical Cardiovascular Engineering Certificate Engineering
Clinical Nurse Specialist MSN, DNP Nursing
Clinical and Translational Science PhD Medicine
Clinical Research Certificate, MS Medicine
Communication: Rhetoric and Communication MA, MS, PhD A&S
Communication Science and Disorders MA, MS, PhD SHRS
Community-based Participatory Research and Practice Certificate GSPH
Comparative Effectiveness Research Certificate Medicine
Composition, Literacy and Pedagogy Certificates A&S
Computational Biology MS, PhD A&S, Medicine
Computational Modeling and Simulation MS. PhD Engineering, A&S
Computer Engineering MS, MSCOE, PhD Engineering, A&S
Computer Science MS, PhD  A&S
Coordinated Master in Dietetics MS SHRS
Crystallograpy MS, PhD A&S
Cultural Studies Certificates A&S
Dental Medicine DMD Dental Medicine
Development Planning and Environmental Sustainability MID GSPIA
Disability Legal Studies Certificate Law
Disability Studies Certificate SHRS
East Asian Studies MA A&S
Eastern European Studies Certificates UCIS
Economics MA, PhD A&S
Educational Administration Certificate Education
Educational Supervision Certificate Education
Electrical Engineering MSEE, PhD Engineering
Electric Power Engineering Certificate Engineering
Employee Assistance Program Certificate Social Work
Endodontics Certificate, MDS Dental Medicine
Energy and Environment MID, MNR, MPA GSPIA
Engineering and Technology Management Certificate Engineering
English MA, MFA, PhD A&S
Environmental and Occupational Health MS, MPH, PhD, DrPH GSPH
Environmental Health Risk Assessment Certificate GSPH
Environmental Law, Science, and Policy Certificate Law
Epidemiology  MPH, MS, DrPH, PhD GSPH
European Union Studies Certificate UCIS
Evaluation of Public Health Promotion and Health Education Programs Certificate GSPH
Family  & Maritial Therapy Certificate Social Work
Film Studies

Certificates, MA, PhD


French MA, PhD A&S
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Certificates A&S
Genetic Counseling MS GSPH
Geographic Information Systems MS A&S
Geology and Planetary Science MS, PhD A&S
German Studies Certificate A&S
Gerontology Certificate Social Work
Gerontology Certificate UCSUR
Global Health Certificates GSPH
Global Political Economy MNR, MPIA GSPIA
Global Studies Certificate UCIS
Governance and Internantional Public Mgt. MID, MNR, MPA GSPIA
Health Care Administration Certificate Nursing
Health Care Genetics Certificate Nursing
Health Law Certificate Law
Health and Physical Activity MS, PhD  Education
Health Care Systems Engineering Certificate GSPH, Engineering
Health Equity Certificate GSPH
Health Physical and Recreation Education MEd Education
Health Policy and Management MHA, MPH, PhD GSPH
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences MS SHRS
Health Services Research and Policy PhD GSPH
Health Systems Leadership and Management Certificate GSPH
Hispanic Languages and Literatures MA, PhD  A&S
Hispanic Linguistics MA, PhD A&S
History MA, PhD A&S
History and Philosophy of Science MA, PhD A&S
History Education MA A&S
History of Art and Architecture MA, PhD  A&S
Human Genetics MS, PhD  GSPH
Human Security MID, MNR, MPIA GSPIA
Immunology MS, PhD Medicine
Industrial Engineering MSIE, PhD Engineering
Industrial Hygiene Certificate GSPH
Infectious Diseases and Microbiology MPH, MS, DrPH, PhD GSPH
Information Science Certificate, MSIS, PhD SIS
Instruction and Learning MEd,EdD, PhD Education
Intergrated Health Care Certificate Social Work
Integrated Molecular Biology MS, PhD A&S, Medicine
Integrated Systems Biology MS, PhD Medicine
Intellectual Property and Technology Law Certificate Law
Intelligent Systems MS, PhD  A&S
Interdisciplinary Information Science MS SIS
Interdisciplinary PhD Program PhD Engineering
International Business MIB Business
International and Comparative Law Certificate, LLM Law
International and Developmental Ed MEd Education
International Political Economy MNR, MPIA GSPIA
Italian MA A&S
Latin American Social and Public Policy Certificate UCIS
Latin American Studies Certificates UCIS
Law JD, MSL, SJD Law
Learning Sciences and Policy PhD Education
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health and Wellness Certificates GSPH
Library and Information Science   Certificate, MLIS, PhD SIS
Linguistics MA, PhD  A&S
Management of Information Systems MS Business
Management Program for Health Professionals Certificate GSPH
Materials Science and Engineering MSMSE, PhD Engineering
Mathematics MA, MS, PhD A&S
Mathematics  Professions Program MS A&S
MD/PhD Clerkship MD Medicine
Mechanical Engineering MSME, PhD  Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering MSMETE, PhD Engineering
Medicine MD Medicine
Medical Education Certificate, MS Medicine
Medical Product Innovation Certificate Engineering
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Certificate A&S
Mining Engineering Certificate Engineering
Minority Health and Health Disparities Certificates GSPH
Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology MS, PhD A&S, Medicine
Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology MS. PhD Medicine
Molecular Pharmacology MS, PhD  Medicine
Molecular Virology and Microbiology MS, PhD Medicine
Multidisciplinary MPH MPH GSPH
Music MA, PhD A&S
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Certificate Nursing
Neurobiology MS, PhD Medicine
Neurobiology-Anatomy-Cell Sci

Ms, PhD

Neuroscience (Center for) MS, PhD A&S, Medicine
Neuroscience MS, PhD A&S
Nongovernmental Organizations and Civil Society MID GSPIA
Nuclear Engineering Certificate, MSNE Engineering
Nurse Anesthesia MSN, DNP Nursing
Nurse Case Management for Primary Care Certificate Nursing
Nurse Practitioner MSN, DNP Nursing
Nurse Specialty Role MSN, DNP Nursing
Nursing MSN, PhD Nursing
Nursing Education Certificate Nursing
Nursing Informatics Certificate Nursing
Nursing Research Certificate Nursing
Occupational Medicine MPH GSPH
Occupational Therapy MOT SHRS
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Certificate Dental Medicine
Oral Biology MS, PhD Dental Medicine
Orientation and Mobility Certificate Education
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Certificate, MDS Dental Medicine
Pediatric Dentistry Certificate, MDS Dental Medicine
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate Nursing
Periodontics Certificate, MDS Dental Medicine
Personnel and Labor Relations Certificate GSPIA
Petroleum Engineering MSPE Engineering
Pharmaceutical Sciences MS, PhD  Pharmacy
Pharmacy PharmD Pharmacy
Pharmacy Administration MS Pharmacy
Philosophy MA, PhD A&S
Physical Therapy DPT SHRS
Physician Assistant Studies MS SHRS
Physics MS, PhD A&S
Policy Research and Analysis MPA GSPIA
Political Science MA, PhD A&S
Prosthetics and Orthotics MS SHRS
Prosthodontics Certificate, MDS Dental Medicine
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate Nursing
Psychology MS, PhD  A&S
Psychology in Education MA, MS, MEd, EdD, PhD Education
Public and International Affairs PhD GSPIA
Public and Nonprofit Management MPA GSPIA
Public Health Genetics Certificate, MPH GSPH
Public Policy and Management MPPM GSPIA
Public Health Preparedness and Disaster Response Certificate GSPH

Reading Specialist

Certificate Education
Recruitment/Retention in Public Health Research and Service Programs Certificate GSPH
Rehabilitation Science PhD SHRS
Rehabilitation Technology Certificate SHRS
Religion (Cooperative Program in the study of) PhD A&S
Religious Studies MA A&S
Russian Studies Certificates UCIS
Safety Engineering Certificate Engineering
Scientific Computing Certificate A&S
Secondary Education MAT Education
Security and Intelligence Studies MPIA GSPIA
Security Assured Information Science Certificate SIS
Slavic Languages and Literatures MA, PhD A&S
Social Work   MSW, PhD Social Work
Social Work in Labor and Industry Certificate Social Work
Sociology   MA, PhD A&S
Soviet Studies Certificate UCIS
Speech-Language Pathology CScD SHRS
Statistics MA, MS, PhD A&S
Teaching Certificate Education
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificates A&S
Telecommunications Certificate, MST SIS
Theater Arts MA, MFA, PhD A&S
Urban and Regional Affairs MPA GSPIA
West European Studies Certificates UCIS
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate Nursing
Youth Health and Fitness Certificate Education


1 Acronyms for academic centers are as follows:

A&S = Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
GSPH = Graduate School of Public Health
GSPIA = Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
SHRS = School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
SIS = School of Information Sciences
UCIS = University Center for International Studies
UCSUR = University Center for Social and Urban Research

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