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University Center for International Studies

The University Center for International Studies (UCIS) is the central coordinating and support mechanism for the international activities of the University of Pittsburgh. As a University-wide center, UCIS supports multidisciplinary programs of research and instruction in international and area studies, linking departments and schools of the University. It connects the University and private and public sector institutions, other universities, and institutions in other countries to strengthen the University's international dimension of teaching, research, and public service. It aids students in their acquisition of international knowledge through certificate programs, study abroad, curriculum development, and seminars; assists faculty in their international research, teaching, and service; and develops and manages international programs and projects. The center offers graduate certificate programs through its Global Studies and African Studies programs, the European Union Center of Excellence, and four area studies centers (Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Russian and East European Studies, European Studies), which are designated by the federal government as National Resource Centers. An area studies certificate is an additional academic credential, evidencing language proficiency and area knowledge that students find useful for international careers or for advanced degrees with a concentration in a particular world area.

Contact Information

University Center for International Studies
Contact: Professor Isabelle Champlin, Director of International Studies
4400 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Fax: 412-648-4672

Admission to Certificate Programs

For admission, students must first apply to the relevant professional school or academic department within the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. However, applicants are encouraged to contact UCIS area studies programs as early as possible with questions about study of the world area in which they are interested. Formal admission to the UCIS certificate programs is accomplished by completing a simple application form. Generally, no additional tuition is charged for enrollment as a certificate student.

Students holding a master’s degree from an accredited institution may obtain any of the UCIS graduate certificates without enrolling in a graduate degree program at the University of Pittsburgh. They may apply directly to the UCIS center or program if they wish to enroll only in the certificate program.


All area studies certificate programs provide advising services to students interested or registered in certificate programs to complement regular advising by the students' primary advisors. Center advisors assist in selecting courses, language training, and arranging internships or study abroad to fit the students' academic and personal interests. See the certificate descriptions below for contact information.

Certificate Requirements

Graduate certificates in UCIS are awarded after completion of all certificate requirements as well as completion of all requirements for the master's degree, or after the student has passed the comprehensive examinations for the doctorate. Upon graduation, both the academic degree and the certificate are posted on students' transcripts. Specific certificate requirements for each area studies certificate are listed under the program descriptions below.

Major and Degree Options

In addition to its certificate programs in Asian studies, global studies, Soviet studies, East European studies, Russian studies, East Asian studies, West European studies, Latin American studies, and Latin American social and public policy, UCIS also participates in the following degree programs:

The MBA/MA Dual Degree Program offered by the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, in cooperation with the University Center for International Studies, provides the opportunity to earn two degrees simultaneously: an MBA and an interdisciplinary MA with a world-region focus (Latin America, East Asia, Russia/Eastern Europe, and Western Europe). The MA is granted only in conjunction with an MBA from Katz.

The Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in East Asian Studies (IDMA), with a focus on either China or Japan, is offered by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL) in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. The Asian Studies Center, which is part of UCIS, administers the IDMA program. The EALL grants the Master of Arts degree. The IDMA combines advanced language training with study in the social sciences and humanities focusing on East Asia. It is primarily intended for predoctoral students who want intensive area training before pursuing a doctoral program in a particular discipline, or for those planning professional careers in government, business, journalism, or pre-college teaching. The IDMA is typically a two-year program, designed for students who have already had at least two years of Chinese or Japanese language study. The deadline each year for submitting applications is January 15. Notification can be expected by the middle of March. The program admits students only for the fall term. To apply online, go to and click on "Apply Yourself." If you run into any problems and would prefer to have a paper copy mailed to you, contact the EALL administrator at

Minor in International Studies

An interdisciplinary minor in international studies can be earned by completing the following requirements. It should be noted that study abroad (either in one of the many immersion programs or a Semester at Sea program) is a requirement of the minor. Information can be obtained from Ms. Julie Dykstra in the Office of Academic Affairs in 232 Swarts Hall.


GEOG 0101

World Regional Geography


World language through the 201 level


Study Abroad





International Studies Electives

Arts and Letters


ART 0211
CLP 0206

Japanese Art
Hispanic Literature in Translation



CLP 0207

Short Fiction in Spanish

CLP 0208

French Literature in Translation

CLP 0209

20th Century Japanese Literature

CLP 0216

Modern African Literature: The Novel

CLP 0220

Caribbean Literatures and Cultures

CLP 0255
CLP 1320

Introduction to Japanese Literature
African Literature and Spirituality

ENG 0105

Masterpieces of World Literature

ENG 0203

British Literature Before 1800

ENG 0204

British Literature After 1800

ENG 0205

Introduction to Shakespeare

ENG 1306

Modern Irish Literature

INTS 0112
INTS 0115
INTS 0250
INTS 1450

Japanese Language and Culture
Introduction to Chinese Culture and Language
Topics in International Studies
Topics in International Studies
Poetry Across Cultures


History and Cultures


ANTH 0101

Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 0110

The Story of Buddhism

ANTH 0112


ANTH 0207

Mesoamerican Archaeology

ANTH 1304

Ecology and Culture

ANTH 1305

Religion and Culture

ANTH 1325

Latin America Today

HIST 0105

Europe in the 20th Century

HIST 1310

East Asia: China, Korea, Japan

HIST 1319

Ancient Rome

HIST 1324

Ancient Egypt

INTS 0250
INTS 1450
PHIL 0215

Topics in International Studies
Topics in International Studies
Great Political Thinkers

PHIL 1303

Eastern Philosophy

SOC 1316

Social and Cultural Change


Politics and Economics


ECON 0112


ECON 1403

International Trade

INTS 0250
INTS 1450
PS 0103

Topics in International Studies
Topics in International Studies
Comparative Politics

PS 0201

World Politics

PS 0202

Great Political Thinkers

PS 1304

American Foreign Relations


Management and Education


FIN 1401

International Finance



INTS 0250
INTS 1450
MGMT 1305

Topics in International Studies
Topics in International Studies
International Management


African Studies

Asian Studies

European Studies
European Union Studies
Global Studies

Latin American Studies

Russian and East European Studies

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