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University Center for International Studies—African Studies Graduate Certificate

Contact Information

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Macrina Lelei
Assistant Director
African Studies Program
4137 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Fax: 412-648-7214

The Graduate Certificate

The African Studies Program offers the graduate certificate in African Studies designed to provide students the opportunity for the interdisciplinary study of Africa. Students seeking a graduate degree at any school within the University may pursue a graduate certificate in African Studies by enrolling in the program and meeting the stipulated requirements. The Graduate Certificate program is specifically designed for graduate students who desire an opportunity to intensify their study of Africa and develop real insights into issues of critical importance in their fields of research and career interests as relates to Africa. The program provides students with fundamental grounding in African Studies through exposure to the major areas of research and knowledge on Africa in their respective disciplines. In addition, students are provided with opportunities to participate in research projects, symposia, lectures, conferences, and workshops on Africa. They are also encouraged to participate in internship opportunities with a specific focus on Africa.

Certificate Requirements

Graduate students may earn a certificate in African Studies upon completion of the following requirements:

  • Six courses dealing with Africa (four courses in the student’s area/academic program and two courses from a related area/department). In special instances, with consent of the student’s academic advisor, approved upper level undergraduate courses may be taken in fulfillment of the requirement in a related area.
  • Two years of college level study of an African language or equivalent Proficiency of a European language other than English relevant to African Studies as a consequence of Africa’s historical experience (French, German, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • A Research Paper focused on the area of concentration under the supervision of an African Studies faculty member
  • A minimum of 18 credits is required   

Admission to the Certificate Program

Although formal admission to the program is allowed at any point in the student’s academic career, students are encouraged to apply for admission early enough to allow them ample time to complete all the requirements in a timely manner. Application information can be obtained from the African Studies Web site or students can apply for admission to the program at our office.


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